Sunday, January 24, 2010

Michael Tait MLM Lead Training Coach & Global Expansion Manager for TerverusPros

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Today Michael is realizing his dreams! In his lifetime he has received a full athletic scholarship and graduated from Clemson University receiving a Bachelors degree in Education. He was drafted by the Seattle Super Sonics in 1987 and made CBA all star team in 1990. After Michael basketball career ended, he ran a sucessfull real estate investment firm for over 10 years, owned 3 startup businesses-EquityQuest Publishing, Corp., Foreclosure Consultants of American, and GrantAmerica DPAS, llc. before being mentored by internet experts Brian J. Williams and Mr. Mohomed Fazal on online MLM lead generation strategies.

Free one on one mentoring along with effective team building strategies are critical to your online success with MLM lead generation! Until you develop the skills required to have long term success in MLM you will continue to perform at amateur levels regardless of what product, service or compensation plan you are apart of!

Michael is considered a leader in MLM lead training and has a amazing marketing team! Team Empowered & My Empowered MLM Marketer offers the best attraction marketing training techniques on the internet!

We believe in multiple streams of income! However, multiple streams of income means nothing if you lack the skills required to build a successful network marketing business! Visit us at and we will send you our free attraction marketing training site. Its the best way I've ever seen to build your attraction marketing skills and MLM business!

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After years of trail and error, I finally found the right system to help anyone desiring success in MLM, be successful through effective MLM lead generation strategies! Don't miss out! Investigate and then call to schedule a phone interview. We have New Telecom Software that's revolutionizing the telecom industry! Smart Phones Technology unlike anything on the market! Looking for leaders!

Michael A. Tait, Sr.
(770) 910-6669

Televerus Pros
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